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Corrugated Palisade Pale Strong & Defensive

Palisade fencing with W & D section
Palisade fencing with W & D section

Palisade fencing with corrugated pale W-section or D-section, is popularly used in UK for its high strength and security rate. To improve the mechanical properties and durability, cold-rolled corrugated sheet is employed. Compared to low-cost hot-rolled angle steel pale, corrugated palisade pale has higher inherent strength and mechanical properties. W section palisade pale is often used to manufacture high security palisade fencing for its high strength and sharp edges.

NOTE: palisade pales here are made by cold-rolled corrugated sheets and the dimensions depend on EN BS 1722-13:1999. Bespoke sizes are available.

Table 1 - Palisade fencing pale thickness
Palisade fencing pale thickness
Pale profile Type Thickness (mm)
Corrugated "W" section General purpose 2.5
Corrugated "D" section 3.0
Corrugated "W" section High security 3.0
Corrugated "D" section 3.9
A plants climbing up the palisade fencing with green powder coated W section pales.
W-section palisade fencing with dark green power coating.
Galvanised palisade fencing with D-section pale and triple head style.
D-section galvanised palisade fencing.
W-section palisade pale in white & green colors.
W-section palisade pale with colorful powder coating.
Palisade fencing along the railway keeps people out.
Anti-Climb palisade fencing along the railway.

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