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Palisade Rails - Galvanised & Powder Coated in RAL Color

Bespoke palisade fencing panel with 9 W-section pales
2.4m High palisade fencing with two rails - top & bottom

Horizontal palisade rails tightly integrate the palisade fencing together to block the threats and intruders out. Usually, the rails are made of hot-rolled steel angles and their dimensions are a little different according to the fencing heights. For a palisade fence with height up to 3.60m, if without special requirement, two horizontal rails will be ok. Besides welded palisade fencing panels, the most frequently used connecting methods for pale to rail are bolts, for post to rail is rivet and fish plate. These anti-vandal bolts and rivets prohibit any action trying to break the fence.

Palisade fencing rail description:

  • Item: palisade fencing rail.
  • Material: hot-rolled steel angle with punched holes.
  • Size: 40 × 40 × 6mm, 45 × 45 × 6mm, 50 × 50 × 6mm & 65 × 50 × 6mm.
  • Holes: 17 holes for pales installation and 2 holes for post installation.
  • Surface Finish: galvanised, or powder coated in any RAL color.
Steel angle rail for general & high security palisade fencing
Palisade fencing type Palisade fencing item palisade fence height above ground (m) Horizontal rails size (rolled steel angle section) (mm)
General palisade fencing GP15 1.50 40 × 40 ×6
General palisade fencing GP18 1.80 40 × 40 × 6
General palisade fencing GP21 2.10 45 × 45 × 6
General palisade fencing GP24 2.40 45 × 45 × 6
High security palisade fencing SP30 3.0 50 × 50 × 6
High security palisade fencing SP36 3.6 65 × 50 × 6
Fish plates, bolts, corner plates are ready for palisade fencing installation
All accessories supplied for palisade fencing installation.
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