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General Palisade Fencing for Common Security Requirements

Blue palisade fencing with w-section pale & RSJ post.
Anti-climb palisade fencing

Palisade fencing is widely recognized security fencing effectively protecting assets & personal for schools, companies, governments and other places where will be threatened by intruders or thefts. To satisfy with different requirements of protection, steel palisade fencing is divided into general purpose and high security purpose. In this page, general purpose palisade fencing is the main talk. Please go to high security palisade fencing if you need more security.

General palisade fencing is often found in school, residential or commercial places where high security is not so urgently needed. However, it is not as security as high security fencing, it still shares some priorities compared with common chain link fencing or weld fences. For example, general palisade fencing is suitable for slopes up to 1 in 3, easy installation and long-term service time. It is popularly used in UK, South Africa, Canada and other regions.

Table 1 - Dimensions for general palisade fencing with posts at 2.75m centers
Item Fence height above ground (m) Posts Horizontal rails (rolled steel angle section) (mm) Pales
Rolled steel joist section (mm) Embedded length (mm) Angle (mm) Corrugated sheet thickness (mm)
GP15 1.50 102 × 44 525 40 × 40 × 6 40 × 40 × 5 See Table 2
GP18 1.80 102 × 44 525 40 × 40 × 6 40 × 40 × 5
GP21 2.10 102 × 44 625 45 × 45 × 6 40 × 40 × 5
GP24 2.40 102 × 44 725 45 × 45 × 6 40 × 40 × 5

Standard pale head styles:

Powder coated palisade pales with three head styles
Popular palisade pale head styles
Palisade security fencing made by angle steel with four different head styles
Palisade fencing - angle pale head styles

Note: palisade fencing made by steel angle is very popularly found in South Africa like Durban. You can find more head types of angle palisade fencing in palisade fencing for South Africa.

Table 2 - Palisade pale profile & nominal thickness
Pale profile Thickness (mm)
Angle 5
Corrugated "W" section 2.5
Corrugated "D" section 3.0
Palisade fencing pale sections - angle, d & w section
General palisade fencing pale sections

Palisade fencing description:

  • Item: steel palisade fencing for general purpose.
  • Standard: BS 1722-12:1999.
  • Surface Treatment: galvanised or galvanised & powder coated.
  • Material: cold rolled corrugated "D" & "W" Section, or hot rolled steel angle.
  • Fencing Height: 1.50, 1.80, 2.10 & 2.40m.
  • Length: 2.75m/unit.
  • Post: rolled steel joist - 102 × 44mm.
  • Color: black, white, green or as required.
  • Gate: single or pair.
  • Accessories: bolts or rivets supplied together.

Note: palisade fencing here provided is manufactured by BS 1722-12:1999. Other dimensions and head styles are bespoken according to your order. Besides, palisade fencing is sold by unit including palisade fencing, post, rails and other accessories when installed. If you have special requirements, please advise us when you are inquiring.

Blue palisade perimeter fencing for a commercial place
Commercial palisade fencing - blue powder coating
Green arch palisade fencing installed on the wall
Green powder coated palisade fencing installed on the wall in a residential area

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