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Palisade Security Fencing with Standard & Custom Types

Palisade Fencing Overview

Palisade security fencing can be used as security perimeter fencing or general barrier for commercial, residential and industrial places.

General Palisade Fencing

General purpose palisade fencing is mainly made by angle or D section pales with heights from 1.5m to 2.4m.

High Security Palisade Fencing

High security palisade fencing often made by W section pales is higher and stronger than general palisade fencing.

Galvanised Palisade Fencing

Galvanised steel palisade fencing is widely used as security fencing in commercial, industrial, governmental, residential areas against intruders and threats.

Powder Coated Palisade Fencing

Powder coated palisade fence has better corrosive resistance than galvanised fencing. It is available in any RAL color.

Palisade Fencing for South Africa

Palisade security fencing is widely used in South Africa. Angle pale with razor spikes on top and on the body will make most intruders give up.

Palisade Gate

Steel palisade fencing gate matched with the connecting palisade fencing is single or pairs for pedestrians or vehicles.

Palisade Pale - Corrugated

Corrugated palisade pales are made by cold-rolled corrugated sheets which have strong inherent strength and corrosive resistance.

Palisade Pale - Angle

Angle steel palisade pale is manufactured by premium hot-rolled steel angle with a lot of head styles like one-pointed to 7 spikes for security.

Palisade Post

Palisade posts supporting the palisade fences are usually RSJ beam post or RHS tube post in galvanised or powder coated finish.

Palisade Fencing Rails

Palisade fencing rails supporting the palisade pales by welding or bolts is usually hot-rolled steel angles with punched holes.