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High Security Palisade Fencing - the Enemy for All Intruders

High security palisade fencing with w-section pales, RSJ points and green powder coating
High security palisade fencing

With the increase of crime rate, people are looking for a safe perimeter fencing which can resist thefts, threats, intruders in an effective way. Given the better performance in security assets and personal, high security palisade fencing has become the premium security alternative for places like commercial, industry and schools.

Compared with general purpose palisade fencing, anti-climb security palisade fencing is higher in height, thicker in thickness and w-section pales are used. Heights for security palisade fencing are 3.00 m or 3.6 m besides the palisade fencing installed on the wall.

High security palisade fencing description:

  • Item: high security palisade fencing.
  • Standard: EN BS 1722-12:1990.
  • Head Styles: one pointed, triple pointed, rounded, rounded & notched, square.
  • Pale Sections: W-section & D-section.
  • Height: 3.0 & 3.6m.
  • Thickness: 3.0mm (w-section) & 3.9mmm(d-section).
  • Surface Treatment: galvanised & powder coated in any color.

NOTE: high security palisade fencing is also sold in assemblies - 2.75m/unit. Without special order, the palisade fencing includes fencing, posts, rails, bolts and other accessories. Please go to palisade overview of palisade fencing assembly to find the details.

Table 1 - Dimensions for security palisade fencing with posts at 2.75m centers
Item Fence height above ground (m) Posts Horizontal rails (rolled steel angle section) (mm) Pales
Rolled steel joist section (mm) Embedded length (mm) Corrugated sheet thickness (mm)
SP30 3.00 127 × 76 925 50 × 50 × 6 See Table 2
SP36 3.60 127 × 76 1125 65 × 50 × 6
Table 2 - High security palisade fencing pale head styles
Pale Profile Thickness (mm)
Corrugated "W" section 3.0
Corrugated "D" section 3.9
Five types of palisade pale heads
Palisade pale head types
W-section palisade fencing pale profile
W-section palisade pale
D-section palisade fencing pale profile
D-section palisade pale
High security metal palisade fencing with razor wire on the top.
Steel palisade fencing integrating with razor wire on the top making a very threatening fencing for the intruders.
A transformer surrounded by palisade fencing.
Palisade secure fencing can be used to isolate dangerous equipment like transformer from the surroundings in case of incidents.

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