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As an important manufacturer and exporter of metal palisade fencing,Anping Xingyou Wiremesh Manufacturers Co., Ltd has been changing and innovating fencing styles and improving security level to response to the increasing requirements of safety for the schools, offices, families, factories and governments. Over more than 10 years development, Xingyou and all staff have learned a lot from the clients and the markets. However the palisade fencing changes with the society, our goal will keep constant - do our best to satisfy our clients' requirements and make win-win for each other.

What kind of security fencing do we supply?

Security should be paid much more attention to in this period for thefts, threats and vandals will happen without any signs. Xingyou has been focusing on developing palisade security fencing which will not only provide perimeter safety but also easy installation and aesthetic outlooks. To satisfy different requirements in pricing, quality and security, our palisade fences are divided into several types:

General Purpose Palisade Fencing:

Not all places need high security where general palisade fencing is used as common security and perimeter fencing. It is different from high security fences in the thick, height, shape and head style of palisade pales. The frequently used is D-section and angle pales with head styles as EN BS1722-12:1999. The height is up to 2.4m.

Palisade fencing as permanent or temporary security barrier.
Full set of accessories for palisade fencing installation.

High Security Palisade Fences:

High security anti-climb palisade fencing is much higher and sharper than general one. W-section pale has sharp edge and inherent strength to resist any impulse or threats. Equipment and places where should be isolated from other places should be protected by perimeter palisade fencing.

Competitively Price Palisade Fencing:

Price is a primary concern for hardware contractors & distributors. We can't promise the lowest price among all our competitors for we should guarantee quality assurance. However, we could supply competitively price without reducing quality.
At the same time, we have developed cheap palisade fencing products for some developing countries and regions. The palisade pales and rails are all manufactured by hot rolled steel angles. To receive similar security, sharp heads and sparks on the body are made.

Palisade fencing should be strictly detected before shipment.
Powder coated palisade fencing with triple-pointed head.

Unique Palisade Fencing:

Xingyou Palisade fencing products are not limited to the ones above. Bespoke steel fencing is available. For example, angel pale palisade fencing can be made unique head styles and body styles. For South Africa, palisade fencing with 7-spike or 11-spike or more is very common.

What about the quality of your steel palisade fence?
High quality and competitive prices are our goals. Our palisade fences are manufactured by quality steel sections including hot-rolled angle steel, cold-rolled corrugated sheets and other related accessories. You see, China is an important manufacturer and exporter of carbon steel, the price of which is much lower than other countries'. Besides, palisade fences are galvanised or powder coated to resist environment corrosion. All our fencing products are strictly worked according to EN standards.

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Palisade Fencing Overview

Palisade security fencing can be used as security perimeter fencing or general barrier for commercial, residential and industrial places.

General Palisade Fencing

General purpose palisade fencing is mainly made by angle or D section pales with heights from 1.5m to 2.4m.

High Security Palisade Fencing

High security palisade fencing often made by W section pales is higher and stronger than general palisade fencing.

Galvanised Palisade Fencing

Galvanised steel palisade fencing is widely used as security fencing in commercial, industrial, governmental, residential areas against intruders and threats.

Residential security palisade fencing is designed to prohibit intruders and threats. Standard or bespoke styles are available.
Industrial security palisade fencing, stronger than chain link fencing, secures the safety of equipment, products and assets.
Commercial palisade fencing with strong palisade pale provides utmost perimeter fencing and competitive prices.